Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

Signature Health Services can help with the management and treatment of Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA’s).

Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA’s) and how we care for it

A cerebrovascular accident, also known as CVA or stroke, is a brain injury caused by poor circulation in the brain. The poor circulation interrupts the correct amount of brain and oxygen, leading to a CVA. Blood clusters or the rupture of blood vessels can cause irregular circulation. An accident, like a car crash, for example, could damage the brain because of the impact, and in extreme accidents, a CVA could occur.

A CVA can affect either hemisphere of the brain.

A diagnosis of a cerebrovascular accident should be treated by a doctor immediately. If not treated promptly, it could result in brain death. If someone suffers from this event, do not move the person, or you could cause more injuries to the brain. Make sure to call 911 immediately; every minute counts. The more time passes, the severity of the issue increases, leading to critical motor and cognitive dysfunctions.

Age is an essential factor. Unfortunately, the severity of the symptoms will increase the younger you are. People over 65 years old could not have initial symptoms, while younger persons could experience extreme chronic headaches.

Here are some clear signs that something is wrong and you can prevent a stroke on time. These symptoms include,

  • Difficulty in walking or making regular movements
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty speaking and understanding others
  • Unelaborate sentences
  • Paralysis in one side of the body, including the face, arm, or legs
Yes! A skilled home nurse is required if the patient cannot move correctly, perform daily activities, and speak properly. Even if the stroke (CVA) was not very critical initially, it could deteriorate the person’s cognitive and motor skills, which means that after years of being independent, the patient will need healthcare assistance at some point in their lives.

Our physical and occupational therapists custom design and guide daily rehabilitation exercises. These exercises help train, rewire, and activate the brain. Constant movement is the best remedy for strokes.

The treatment is based on the idea that the nurse will mostly observe the patient and help if the patient asks or if absolutely necessary. Stroke patients need to do things on their own (with encouragement)  to make real progress.

Some of the primary tasks our nurses perform when caring for patients are:

  • Keep a record of side effects of medications
  • Signature’s nurses and therapists will monitor patients for a change in condition.
  • Have constant checks with your physician before adding more pills to your medication regimen.
  • Have long time care and rehabilitation, especially after the plateau (3 months after the stoke)
  • Give emotional support to the patient
  • Regularly monitor and assess your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and stress levels to keep them in check
  • Keep in touch with your physician to help assess any changes or changing medical needs.
  • Conducting a home safety evaluation for home modifications, like installing grab bars and non-slip mats, as well as decreasing clutter in the home to improve the patient’s safety.
Unfortunately, no cure has been discovered yet, but Signature has a range of treatments to help manage and control symptoms. If the CVA is critical, the patient will require both physical and speech therapy. It also depends on which brain hemisphere the stroke occurred and what percentage was damaged. But in many cases, one side of the body will get fully or partially damaged even with years of therapy.

The main idea of therapy is to exercise the muscles and regain psychomotricity, letting the person recover stability and mobility in the affected area.

As always, a healthy diet and lifestyle could prevent a cerebrovascular accident.

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