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Brief historical facts about Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Texas, was founded in 1784 as part of Philadelphia County. The county was created during a Texas Congress, which determined the place’s future. For the last two decades, Montgomery has grown tremendously. It currently ranks as the 24th fastest growing population in the United States. Its primary economic activities are agriculture, fishing, construction, mining, and gas extraction.

What can you do if you visit Montgomery County, Texas?

Montgomery County is worth visiting due to iconic attractions like the Fernland Historical Park and Museum Memory Garden. The county has a beautiful and relaxing environment, perfect for family time. Some other attractions are the Jenkins Farm or the Wolfdog Project, a preservation and exhibition of wolfdogs in a nature-preserved place; it is perfect for taking photos.

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What are the health care needs of the residents of Montgomery County, Texas?

Some of Montgomery’s primary health care needs are the coronavirus vaccination campaigns and treatments for various types of cancer. There is also a smoking rate of almost 16% of the population. It is essential to consider all these aspects because they can lead to the development of new diseases and conditions in every age sector of the residents.

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Montgomery County health care information and resources

Montgomery County Public Health District promotes a healthy community and health education. They have branches of health departments like clinical services, epidemiology services, medical reserve corps, and emergency preparedness services. Around 600 thousand people are living in Montgomery County. Consequently, they need an extensive health service system to assist their residents’ needs.

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