How to Stay Active While Being in Home Health Care

Keeping activity going, even for a short period, can significantly improve the health of any person.

Home healthcare patients face a considerable challenge during this time of year due to decreased temperatures and fewer outdoor activities. It’s crucial for everyone, especially older adults and those with certain diseases who are more susceptible to illnesses, to take safety measures by minimizing exposure and limiting outings in harsh weather conditions. However, it’s also essential to prioritize our mental and physical well-being by engaging in daily activities that keep us active and healthy.

Exercise, older adults, and home health care

As individuals grow older, their capability to carry out everyday activities may decrease, especially during sickness or home care therapy. This is why seniors must remain active and exercise even when unwell. The healthcare professionals will motivate them to keep moving, whether standing up from the bed or merely changing positions. By staying active, patients can increase their muscle strength and sustain their overall physical well-being.

Providing the best possible care is mandatory, while also respecting the patient’s wishes. Encouraging activity can be difficult, particularly with patients with acute disease symptoms. There are several reasons why a patient may not want to be active, such as pain, depression, fear, and disability.

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How to stay healthy and active at home

Keeping activity going, even for a short period, can significantly improve the health of any person. However, before starting a routine, consider a doctor’s advice. Here are some little things that can be done, if possible, while being in home health care:

  • Walking around every few hours. With the help of a cane, a walking frame, or the assistance of a caregiver.

  • If the doctor recommends staying in bed, patients should change position and move their legs and ankles at least every two hours.

  • Sitting out of bed as often as possible.

  • Keeping the mind active by reading, writing letters, or doing number puzzles.

  • Performing simple exercises as much as possible.

Skilled nurses and licensed therapists can assist and keep patients active and can still significantly influence their overall wellness and quality of life. By providing exceptional care in the areas they are capable of, they can make a considerable impact.

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