3 Health Tips for Everyone

A healthy life for you and your family

Choosing a healthy lifestyle

There a lot we don’t have control of in this life, but for better or worse, our decisions do play a contributing role in how our body develops. Instead of worrying about what you can’t change, how about you set a plan in motion to improve your quality of life by choosing a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can learn something new about how to take better care of themselves or their loved ones.

1 – Eat a balanced diet and seek out natural ingredients

There’s more than enough research and evidence to prove the old adage “you are what you eat” and any dietician or nutritionist will agree that eating healthy foods in appropriate amounts is a good first step towards a better life.

Don’t fall for some of the fads out there – the world is full of get-skinny-quick schemes that unfortunately are designed to make someone else rich. What you need is a simple plan that covers all your basis, something like this:

  • Check the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting too much fat or sugar or processed foods

  • Eat more greens and produce and less animal derived foods, the human body was not designed as a carnivore

  • Portion control – don’t overeat or undereat

  • Eat smaller meals more often – it gives the body time to digest

  • If possible, seek out professional guidance

  • Get your vitamins such as B12 and other key components for integral health

2 – Make time for exercise and also get enough rest

With all the pressures that society puts on us to work office jobs for long hours, combined with the conveniences such as driving and not having to hunt or forage for food, it’s easy to understand why each generation spends significantly less time moving and getting exercise than their ancestors.

It’s still important as our biology has not changed and we need to get out and about to keep a stable body weight and reduce muscular atrophy, so we recommend the following:

  • Make time for cardio – improving your heart’s health goes a long way

  • Improve your muscular strength and endurance with weight training

  • Don’t overwork yourself, try to get the recommended amount of sleep every night

  • Make it a habit – try and keep a schedule

It may seem hard at first, but making progressive gains is what matters. No one has transformed their body overnight. And even though you may feel tired initially, ask any athlete and they’ll tell you that once you’re over the hump, you’ll have more energy in your overall life.

3 – Regular visits to your doctors and monitor your health at home

Seeing your doctor is the key to staying healthy. Most people are not trained in a medical background and simply cannot spot arising issues, not to mention the tools and technology required to perform full tests are specialized and can only be found in health clinics. It’s important to get at least a yearly checkup, and it’s just as important to react quickly if you notice any symptom developing and go see a doctor or to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic if the situation worses.

Here’s a short list of what you can do to make sure you stay healthy:

  • Get full-panel bloodwork done regularly to test for imbalances

  • Monitor your heart rate and blood pressure

  • Physical exam to get a full perspective

  • Visit any specialists for conditions you are diagnosed with

  • Keep track of your symptoms at home and on the go

The bottom line

No one lives forever, but by taking measured actions and choosing a healthy lifestyle we can certainly prolong our lives and improve the quality. It’s easier said than done but the focus of this article is show you how to set a plan and stick with it.

If nothing else remember the three basics: eat a healthy diet, strive for plenty of exercise and rest, and get regular checkups with your doctors.


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