Signature Health Services

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for home health a patient is required by CMS to meet some aspects of the following criteria.  If you believe home health would be beneficial to a family member or yourself, please contact your physician or Signature Health Services today to find out how home health can benefit you.



►Normal inability to leave home; leaving home requires:

 ►a considerable and taxing effort

 ► the aid of assistive devices

 ►Absences from home are infrequent and of relatively short duration

 ►Church, barber and special, unique family events (funeral, graduation) are permitted

 ►Not necessarily “bedbound”



► Reasonable AND necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of an injury or illness 

 ►Warranted by the patient’s current and documented medical condition 

 ►Must include intermittent

    Skilled nursing, or

    Physical therapy, or

    Speech therapy, or

    Continued occupational therapy

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