Signature Health Services

Our Story

Signature Health Services is a fast-growing, innovative home health agency serving southeast Texas with quality home health services since 1995.  Our management team, which has been together since 1999, is dedicated to developing great relationships with the medical community in southeast Texas. 


Our mission is to bring excellent patient care to the home and to deal with our associates with honesty and integrity. 


Signature’s  cornerstone is the excellent, consistent care provided to patients under our service:

Based on surveys performed by the Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services (DADS), Signature Health Services ranks in the top five percentile in terms of the quality of care provided to patients under their plans of care. 

We have a high clinical and agency staff retention rate.  This translates to consistent and familiar care provided to patients under our service.


Our industry strategy is to: 

Continuously evaluate the home care delivery system, striving to achieve better and better outcomes for the patients we care for, and Align ourselves with physicians, medical facilities and other medical organizations that can help us do a better job of achieving those patient outcome goals.




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